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Wylde Nept: CDs & Loot


A Drop of the Creature

WNDOC01.jpgWylde Nept’s debut album is a spirited journey through a musical landscape of mystery, romance and roguishness. The album’s strength comes from the wealth of original material the band has made popular; “Ugly Mrs. Fen,” “Bewitchin’ Brenda,” and “Wanderlust," just to name a few. This album also features the traditional song “Beer Beer Beer,” which charted on the popular music website as #1 on the Celtic chart and #5 on the Top 40 chart.

Tracks: All For Our Rightful King - When I Step Out - Wanderlust - McPaw’s Reel - Bewitchin' Brenda - Maids When You’re Young - The Mermaid Song - Out In The Night - Tenderly - The Rakish Young Devil - I’m So Stupid - Ugly Mrs. Fen - The Bloody Drum - The Bandit Song - Beer Beer Beer - Little Beggar Man

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Live in 3-D

WNL3D02.jpgWylde Nept’s second album, “Live In 3-D,” is a live sampling of a festive night with the band. Featuring mostly traditionals, this album showcases the raw energy exchanged between the band and the crowd. With songs like “Johnny Jump Up,” the original song “The Gallows,” and Wylde Nept’s special arrangement of “Drunken Sailor,” this album is as close to “being there” as you can get. Even the artwork is in 3-D, and comes with a pair of 3-D viewers inside!

Tracks: Haul Away Joe - The Gallows - Whiskey in the Jar - Strike the Bell - Mrs. Durkin - Big Strong Man - Johnny Jump Up - John Kanakanaka - Some Kind of Ride - A Week Before Easter - Lannigan's Ball - Finnegan's Wake - Drunken Sailor

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Traditional Routes

WNTRAD03.jpg"Traditional Routes" is Wylde Nept's third release, returning to the studio for a new treasure-trove of traditional and original songs, ranging from ballads to raucous songs of rebellion. "Highland Harry," "Barnyards of Delgaty," and popular originals like "Four Oaks Lane" and "My Brother Said" are all featured on this fully-packed portfolio of Celtic music.

Tracks: We Are the Storm - Four Oaks Lane - Barnyards of Delgatty - Matty Groves - Cursed, Hunted & Haunted - Hills of Connemara - Brennan On the Moor - I Sailed the Ocean - One More Day - Lighthouse Keeper's Lament - Ghost Ship - The Razing of Jedborough - My Brother Said - Highland Harry - For the Hills

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All's Fair...

new.gifWylde Nept’s most recent release features songs of love and war. Clever arrangements of “The Butterfly” and “Wild Colonial Boy,” plus originals like “Between Moonbeams” and “Old Green Gown” make this Wylde Nept’s strongest album yet! The song “Before the Kisses Fade” was nominated as “Best Celtic Song” for the 2009 Just Plain Folks Music Awards.

Tracks: Maid of Fifeo - Before the Kisses Fade - Mountain Dew - Courtin' in the Kitchen - O'Donnell Abu - The Landlord's Daughter - Sail Forever - Bridget Flynn - South Australia/Wild Colonial Boy - Between Moonbeams - So So Cold - Waiting for the Rush - On the Road to What-May-Be - The Butterfly - Wild Mountain Thyme - Old Green Gown - You'll Never Win

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Wylde Nept Event Poster

Event_Poster.jpgThis is the very same event poster you see adorning the walls and doors of the venues you might have seen us at. It measures 8.5” x 11” and is printed on high-quality 100lb Book weight paper. Order one now while they’re still hip, trendy, and cool.





Classic Wylde Nept “Wanted” Poster

Classic_Wanted_Poster.jpgThis Wylde Nept poster was used for a number of years by some of the finest pubs and festivals around, dating back about 10 years. It measures 8.5” x 11” and is printed on high-quality 100lb Book weight paper. Own a slice of Wylde Nept history!  And, yes, this is a poster of a poster on a tree.




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