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Wylde Nept: Music & Lyrics

Sail Forever

(Wylde Nept)
Music/Lyrics – Westan James
Sometimes you meet someone and you’re never the same afterwards.
Hello my love, I’m glad to see you
It pains me too, but I must leave you
Our love was wrong, our love was right
The air is sweeter in the night
Don’t turn away with so much woe
Our spark of love shall ever glow
Though it may fade, your smile still beams
I’ll always wait love, within your dreams
Dreams never die, they sail forever
Dreams never die, they ride the night
Dreams never die, they sail forever
Like drifting clouds across the night
There’s our two stars up in the night sky
A beacon bright for us to steer by
So don’t be sad, now don’t you cry
I need your bright eyes up in the sky
So dream with me, alas, farewell
And hold me so it lasts through hell
Well you may wed, but I must sail
I swear my lass, my love won’t fail
He left her then and sailed forever
She waited still for her fair lover
She watched the stars up in the sky
Her two fine sons never asked why