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Wylde Nept: Music & Lyrics

The Maid O' Fifeo

(Wylde Nept)

A song about an Irish cavalier in Scotland who’s whirlwind romance breaks his heart and kills him . We don’t know…you explain it.

There once was a troop of Irish dragoons
Come marchin’ down from Fife-e-oh
And the captain fell in love with a very bonny lass
and the maid she was called pretty Peggy-oh
There’s many a bonny lass in the town of Ackerglass
There’s many a bonny lassie in the Cheer-e-oh
There’s many a bonny Jean on the streets of Aberdeen
But the flower of them all lives in Fife-e-oh
Oh come the stairs pretty Peggy m’dear
Come down the stairs pretty Peggy-oh
Come down the stairs, comb back your yellow hair
Bid a long farewell to your mommy-oh
I never did intend a soldier’s lady for to be
I never will marry a soldier-oh
I never did intend to go to a foreign land
And I never will marry a soldier-oh
Well the corporal he cried, “Mount! Mount boys, mount!”
The captain, he cried, “Tarry-oh!
Oh tarry for a wah’ for another day or twa
Till I see if this bonny lass will marry-oh.”
Yonder we came to the town of Ackerglass
Our captain we had to hurry-o
Longer we came to the streets of Aberdeen
Our captain we had to bury-o
Green grow the berks on bonny Ethan-side
And low lie the Lowlands of Fife-e-o
The captain’s name was Ned and he died for a maid
He died for the chambermaid of Fife-e-o
-chorus twice-